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Wooden fences

Solid Panel Fences

Highest quality wood panels offered by our company. This product is aimed at customers with the highest requirements. Sturdy and carefully crafted wooden panels combined with three layers of lacquer mean that these are fences of the highest quality.


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Grooved Panel Fences

High quality of workmanship for durable fencing of your property. Grooved panel fences are coated in three layers of lacquer which ensure that they are highly resistant to harmful atmospheric conditions.


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Slatted Panel Fences

Slatted panel fences are the simple solution used to create your perfect leisure spot. Preliminary processing in the form of green or brown dye impregnation protects panels against harmful atmospheric conditions.


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Hunting fence

Especially useful when you want to fence the area, while not blocking visibility. For this reason, hunting fences are great check on the production of each zone in your backyard, both with decorative plants and vegetables. Suitable for using them will fence playground space-thanks to the size of the rainbow trout, we will always have an eye on.
The fence is protected by fighter in the process of pressure impregnation is resistant to harmful weathering. Properly maintained will be served its function for many years, without losing anything from his idyllic charm.

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Split Rail Fences

Owing to their low heightwooden split rail fences are used to enclose allotment gardens, animal pens as well as beer gardens.


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