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Terrace timber

Larch boards

Larch boards have been added to our offer several years ago. They have since become one of the most popular elements of our production. We offer domestic larch as well as original Siberian larch. On account of the increased timber class boards are sold raw or impregnated. Initial drying of timber and various types of grooving increases resistance to harmful weather conditions and overload related to use.

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Pine boards

These are the flagship products of our company which we sell in the thousands of hundreds every year. These boards are offered in various dimensions, which is why they may be adapted to any shape of terrace. A major asset of this product is initial protection in the form of pressure impregnation. It secures the boards against the harmful effects of atmospheric conditions.

Our pine boards are characterized by perfect shape and carefully made grooves which strengthen the board profile and increase finishing esthetics.

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Exotic boards

Our offer also includes boards made of many exotic types of wood. Distinctive hues, wide offer of dimensions and selection of installation modes are the characteristics of our diverse and interesting offer in this department.


This exotic type of wood is characterized by high hardness and resistance to atmospheric conditions, overload and deformation resulting from use. Our offer of this type of wood comprises a wide selection of boards with various profiles and grooves. A terrace made of Bangkirai boards is a long-term investment. If appropriately maintained with use of a special oil it may be the pride of any house, garden or office.


Massaranduba occupies a special place in the exotic wood segment as it becomes more valuable when exposed to atmospheric conditions – it develops a grey patina and changes its hue to that resembling mahogany. Many customers appreciate its esthetic finish with double-side grooving. A terrace finished with this high quality wood will be an extraordinary centerpiece to any home.


For the real connoisseurs of exotic wood we have prepared an offer of the Tatajuba. It stands out from among other types of timber available in this sector because of its honey-like hue. When it gets older, Tatajuba darkens, which is an additional quality. Our wide offer including a selection of dimensions and profiles will satisfy even the most discriminating customers.


The Kempas board is characterized by a natural, unique pinkish honey hue. If subjected to sunlight it changes its color from light pink to reddish brown. It owes its colloquial name of Pearl Mahogany to this distinguishing quality. It is the perfect designer material which finds multiple uses in home interiors as well as around buildings. It harmoniously blends with any decoration style, especially colonial. The Kempas board is finished with fine, one-sided grooving. On account of its characteristics it is highly resistant to abrasion, harmful weather conditions (rain, snow, sunrays) and biological factors (fungi, insects, mold). Systematic oiling protects the wood and additionally supports prevention of the natural toning of the board surface which would ordinarily change its hue to a silvery grey.


Merbau is perfect for those who are looking for wood with an eye-catching tint. A wide range of colors from orange-brown, through dark yellow, to reddish brown is the distinguishing factor of this type of wood. Its other assets are seamless installation and specially profiled boards. A terrace made of this type of wood betokens a sublime taste on the part of its owner. It is the perfect kind of wood for those who want their terrace to be the centerpiece of their home and garden.

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Composite boards

For people acquainted with the latest trends and accepting only the highest class of materials we have prepared a wide offer of composite boards. Owing to seamless installation those boards will satisfy even the most discriminating customers. An additional advantage of this type of terrace finishing is the above average resistance of composite boards to atmospheric conditions, and in particular humidity.

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