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Paneling fence

Solid Panel Fences

Panels are entirely filled with thick and resistant paneling boards which are combined with a sturdy wooden frame ensuring that the product is both pleasing to the eye and ergonomic.

Solid panels are manufactured from carefully selected wood. They are coated in three layers of lacquer and are highly resistant to harmful weather conditions. The lacquer used for coloring the panels is available in seven hues: pine, brown, green, teak, anthracite, grey and cream.

Solid panel fences are available in many product families – it was never easier to create a unique composition! The manner of use of the panels is wholly dependent on your creativity and vision. Throughout the years all the solid panel product families have been designed with contribution of the customers, who expressed their needs with regard to specific solutions.

All of the above means that our panels are a renown brand not only in Poland but also around Europe. Price and quality of workmanship are the factors distinguishing our products from among those offered by other manufacturers.